About Me

I grew up in Nigeria, a country with a lot of cultural influence from Europe and neighbouring countries. There I saw the emergence of new cultural forms, including political, linguistic and religious elements, as they were developed in relation to others. This cross-cultural exchange is evident in the way that English mixed with Nigerian languages and gave birth to pidgin; the use of democracy alongside the recognized power of tribal leaders and kings; the belief in Islam or Christianity alongside traditional folk beliefs of spirits and black magic.

By the time I had moved to the United States for university, I had visited England, Canada, and Mexico. A few years into school, I decided to leave to travel the world. Along the way, I spent time in India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Haiti, France and Niger, where I spent time in the Sahara desert. During my travels I noticed the similarities of each place to my native Nigeria; I saw in each the sum of a unique mix of cross-cultural influences. I recognized the beauty that exists when we as human beings focus less on dividing ourselves and instead embrace our diversity and merge as a species.

After years of accumulating these valuable experiences, I decided to return to school and study art then moved to Toronto. I intend to create art that incorporates aspects of different cultures to create a single image. My works are linked by recurring themes of pattern and design rendered with a variety of materials and processes. My art aims to mix and merge familiar scenes and designs from these different parts of the world into a united image; my hope is to impart a powerful sense of familiarity, confusion, tension and intrigue to viewers of diverse backgrounds.